Andrew Reid

Andrew is a doctoral researcher of serious game applications. Andrew undertook his undergraduate degree at Abertay University, achieving a First-Class with Honours in Game Design & Production Management (2015). His Honours project, Civic City, looked at the potential of using video game technologies to increase public participation in politics within the United Kingdom. It received the David Carnegie Award for Best Dissertation (2015) and garnered local and national press coverage.

Andrew began his PhD at Glasgow Caledonian University in October 2015. His research explores the use of video games to engage players in social and political developments. Specifically, Andrew aims to uncover how video games can effectively inform publics on the social and environmental impact of micropollutants in wastewater treatment facilities.

Andrew’s research interests include game-based learning, games for change, player-crowd motivation and social compliance, and play theory.




10/2015 - present
Doctor of Philosophy in Serious Games, Glasgow Caledonian University

08/2011 - 06/2015
First-Class BA (Hons) Game Design and Production Management, Abertay University


The Importance of Game Jams in Serious Games [Link]

Playful Politics: Developing a Framework for Designing Video Games for Political Participation in the United Kingdom, Press Start Journal [Link]

Academic Projects

09/2014 - 06/2015
Developing Sustainable Interdisciplinary Team Projects for the New Abertay Curriculum

06/2014 - 08/2014
Unlocking New Ideas in Teaching and Learning: Abertay TLE Conference 2014

03/2014 - 10/2014
But What Does it Mean for ME? Students' Engagement with Learning Technologies

01/2014 - 10/2014
Improving Student Uptake and Understanding of Feedback through a Dialogue Model of Assessment


04/2016 - present
Member, Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA)

01/2016 - present
STEM Ambassador, STEMNET

05/2014 - present
Advisory Board Member, The Computer Games Journal

07/2013 - 06/2014
Student Executive Officer, Abertay University Students' Association

Honours and Awards

Finalist, 4th International Educational Games Competition at ECGBL 2016

IGDA Scholar 2016, International Game Developer's Association

David Carnegie Prize, Abertay University


10/2015 - present
Lab Assistant, Glasgow Caledonian University

01/2014 - 04/2015
Research Assistant, Abertay University

06/2014 - 08/2014
Teaching and Learning Enhancement Intern, Abertay University

Conferences / Talks / Events

Project:Filter, 4th International Educational Games Competition at ECGBL 2016 [Link]

The Importance of Game Jams in Serious Games, 10th European Conference on Game-Based Learning (ECGBL) 2016 [Link]

Project:Filter, Design and Experimentation, 1st Joint International Conference of DiGRA and FDG 2016 [Link]

Playing With Water: Scratch Game Development Workshop, Glasgow Science Festival [Link]

Policy Engagement through Digital Participation, TICTeC 2016 [Link]

Playful Democracies, Public Engagement and Serious Play Workshop [Link]

Game Development

10/2016 - present

01/2016 - 03/2016
#DoIt [Link]

10/2015 - present
Project:Filter [Link]

Space Trek: A Voyage Home [Link]

09/2014 - 05/2015
Civic City [Link]

10/2013 - 07/2015
Tether [Link]